The Opportunity Accelerator is an annual half-day conference created by MBEs for MBEs. It brings together business owners, corporate leaders and subject matter experts -- all focused on practical, actionable information and real business opportunities that can be leveraged now. Organized by the NMBEIC, this conference is held each year the afternoon prior to the official opening of the NMSDC Conference + Business Opportunity Exchange.


Opportunity Accelerator 2018: Transformation Ahead

Sunday, October 14, 1-5 p.m.

Hilton Austin

500 East 4th St
Austin, Texas 78701


"It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change." --Charles Darwin


We are building companies in a time of great disruption. From new business models and emerging technology platforms to demographic shifts that are impacting the culture, the workplace and the business landscape. The fact is, diverse companies are especially vulnerable. They need to navigate not only the changes within their own industries, but also help their corporate clients tackle the disruptions on an even larger, global scale -- disruptions that can also reshape their supply chains and the place of diverse businesses within it.

At the upcoming Opportunity Accelerator 2018: Transformation Ahead, we will explore where the growth markets are going to be and how to develop your own disruptive strategy. We’ll also discuss how to prepare yourself for leading transformation within your company, and how to build a team and culture that will thrive in an environment of continuous evolution.

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