Moving forward … faster.
You, your business and NMSDC.

The Adaptable Leader

Do you have what it takes? Technological change means that adaptability has become paramount to success. But most of us suck at it and, as a result, 70% of digital transformations will fail! In order to successfully transform, leaders need to be business leaders, digital leaders and change leaders and you must master the three powers -- Content Power, Positional Power and Personal Power. In this session, you’ll reflect inward and consider how organizational success starts with you as a leader and your own day-to-day behaviors.

Transformational Results from the Inside Out

The speed of change is expected to increase exponentially in the coming decade and is widening the global talent shortage. Adding to the challenge, more than 50% of the workforce will be made up of millennials by 2020. The bottom line: every business will need to compete not only for the skills of the people who will run their companies in the future, but also for their heart and commitment. If you can’t keep your people engaged, they won’t stay, period. If you want to attract, develop and retain a fabulous workforce, that journey starts here.

Accelerating Access to Government Markets

Figuring out how to get a government contract can feel like a daunting proposition. More than just patience, it requires preparation, diligence and the willingness to learn how best to navigate this unique bureaucratic landscape. Come learn from two experts -- government and corporate -- about opportunities and programs available to you that could help jumpstart your efforts to tap into this lucrative market.

The Customer Next to You: Prioritizing Business With Other MBEs

MBEs flock to conferences to learn what corporations are looking for. Eyes forward, we focus on what panels of corporate procurement and supplier diversity professionals have to say. But are we missing out on another opportunity hiding in plain sight? A representative from the National MBE Input Committee’s MBE-to-MBE Spend Subcommittee will outline what initiatives are being put in place to ramp up MBE-to-MBE business opportunities within the network, and will share what you can do now to start tapping into the possibilities.

Transforming the NMSDC Network

Adrienne Trimble, the new NMSDC President and CEO, will tell us what to expect at this year’s conference and will provide a first glimpse into what’s in store as NMSDC continues its transformation into being the premier organization dedicated to minority business development.

Disrupting Your Business Before Someone Else Does

Upheavals in business are less about WHAT they will be, than WHEN they will happen. That means companies, large and small, have to make bets every day about which way the winds of innovation will blow as they invest in technology, hire employees and develop their product/service roadmaps. In this session, we’ll explore how you can leverage an innovation mindset and make use of the concepts of design thinking to leap beyond the incremental and pursue instead exponential change and uncover what formerly may have been unthinkable.