Standing for the interests of MBEs.

The NMBEIC is a standing committee of NMSDC’s board of directors that serves the organization’s more than 12,000 certified MBEs and represents their interests in working with the national board, national staff, and affiliate regional council presidents and board chairs. As part of the Network Leadership, the NMBEIC supports and develops strategies and initiatives that serve NMSDC’s mission of “advancing business opportunities for certified MBEs and connecting them with corporate members,” and doing so in ways that create value and deliver economic and social impact for all stakeholders.  

The NMBEIC convenes throughout the year at quarterly Network Leadership Meetings and at the NMSDC National Conference + Business Opportunity Exchange where the NMBEIC hosts the annual “Opportunity Accelerator” half-day conference. At the quarterly meetings, MBEIC chairs discuss issues and concerns affecting each of their regions, and share best practices for engaging MBEs in their local councils, connecting MBEs with corporations and each other, and developing meaningful programming that provides opportunities for ongoing professional and business development.

The NMBEIC also has standing subcommittees focused on the following strategic priorities:

Participation and Communication

Business Opportunities and Understanding

MBE-to-MBE Spend


Opportunity Accelerator